Academic Programs
Descriptions & Definitions

The following is a list of fields, descriptions, and abbreviations used in the OUS Academic Program Database. Once you've performed a search, you can get back to this screen by clicking on the underlined heading.

Institution = name of the OUS institution offering the major. If the program is offered jointly (i.e., by two or more OUS institutions, often with community college and/or independent college partners), each participating institution will be listed in the "Comments" field.

Program = name of the major degree program. Titles containing a colon often denote an emphasis area or concentration within a major (e.g., "Journalism: Advertising" indicates that a student can choose an adverstising emphasis when majoring in journalism).

Degree = the degree(s) awarded upon successful completion of the program.

crt = Certificate
asc = Associate degree
bac = Baccalaureate degree
mas = Master's degree
doc = First Professional/Doctorate degree

CIP = number assigned to the program according to the federal Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP).

Comments = miscellaneous comments about the program. For example, the specific type of degree may be listed (e.g., B.A., M.F.A., etc.).

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