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PEAEMPL Service Date Codes
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Adjusted Hire Date
The Original Hire Date, adjusted for any lapse(s) in service with this institution, including leave that affects OUS leave accrual rates or seniority calculations. (Time employed as a student or temporary employee is excluded). FOR CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEES: If the employee was employed by OUS or another state agency in a classified position prior to July 1, 1996, this date reflects prior state service.
Current Hire Date
The date the employee began his/her most recent and continuous period of service with the current employing institution. If the employee terminates and is later rehired by this institution, the Current Hire Date would reflect the date that the employee was rehired. If the employee has maintained continuous service since the time of their original hire, the Current Hire Date and the Original Hire Date would be the same.
First Work Date
The first actual date on the job performing work duties. This is not a required field to complete at this time.
Last Work Date
The last actual date on the job performing work duties. This date cannot be greater than the Termination Date. Note: This date is important as paid leaves (vacation, FMLA, sick leave, etc.) do not count toward the employment service credits. If the major portion of the final month is a paid leave, the employee will not receive service credits for that month. The last date on the job is also important when computing whether or not an employee has had a break-in-service which can result in losing prior retirement tier status.
Original Hire Date
The date the employee first began work with the current hiring institution.
Seniority Hire Date
This field is not defined by OUS - definition can be campus-specific.