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FTVITYP - Income Type codes

(FTMITYP) A list of income classifications to use with the U.S. Government 1099 form as established by the Internal Revenue Service. These codes are used to determine which box on the 1099 form is to be used in recording amounts paid to vendors and reported to the IRS.
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Code Banner Title Definition
SP Sub. Payments/Dividends Interest Sub. Payments/Dividends Interest
RY Royalties Royalties
RE Rents Rents
PR Other Income Other Income
NR Non-Resident Alien Non-Resident Alien
NC Nonemployee Compensation Nonemployee Compensation
NA Not Applicable Not Applicable
MD Medical and Health Care Payments Medical and Health Care Payments
K1 1099-K Merchant Card 1099-K Merchant Card
GP Excess Golden Parachute Payments Excess Golden Parachute Payments
FB Fishing Boat Proceeds Fishing Boat Proceeds
EM Employee W-2 Reportable Income Employee W-2 Reportable Income
CP Crop Insurance Proceeds Crop Insurance Proceeds
AT Gross Proceeds Paid To Attorney Gross Proceeds Paid To Attorney
AI Section 409A Income Section 409A Income
AD Section 409A Deferrals Section 409A Deferrals
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