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PTRJCRE - Job Change Reason Codes

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Code Banner Title DefinitionChange
PWOCE Work Out of Class Ends Work out of classification ends. PO
PWOCB Work Out of Class Begins Work out of classification begins. PO
WAGEE Wage Agreement Ends Academic wage appointment ends. AP
WAGES Wage Agreement Begins Academic wage appointment begins. AP
ABLAT Transfer Lateral Employee's job changes and there is no change in salary grade. AP
HTEC Time Entry Method Change Applies to web time entry, and is used when an employee's time entry method is changed such as from paper to web or from departmental timekeeper to individual employee web time entry. JA
GTOSC Term of Service Change Job's appointment basis is changed from 9 to 12 months, or vice versa. AP
HSUPU Supervisor Update Add, change or delete supervisor information. JA
CAYRT Summer Leave Ends Employee returns from summer leave. LV
CAYLV Summer Leave Begins Academic-year employee's job moves into unpaid status during summer months. LV
PSTPE Stipend Ends End of stipend. Job record should reflect a Job Type of "O". PO
PSTPB Stipend Begins Beginning of stipend. Job record should reflect a Job Type of "O". PO
PSELC Selective Sal. Range Increase Negotiated selective salary range adjustment for bargaining unit employees. PO
BSABE Sabbatical Ends End of sabbatical leave. LV
BSABB Sabbatical Begins Start of sabbatical leave. LV
CRXR Return from Reassignment Employee returns to the original job following a temporary reassignment. AP
TERMR Retirement Termination of job record at retirement. AP
PPAYB Reinstatement of Pay Pay reinstated to former level. AP
PPAYR Reduction of Pay Pay reduced within the same position. AP
RECUP Reclass Position Upward Job reclassified to a higher level than the old classification. AP
RECLT Reclass Position Lateral Job reclassified to a different classification at the same salary grade. AP
RECDN Reclass Position Downward Job reclassified to a lower level than the old classification. AP
BRECL Recall from Layoff Employee is recalled from layoff (classified only). AP
CRET Reassignment--Temporary Employee is temporarily reassigned to another job, such as a temporary change in the job (special assignment). AP
CREP Reassignment--Permanent Employee is permanently reassigned to another job, for example, because of a budget-based permanent job change. AP
BREAP Reappointment Employee moves into a job following a break in service, other than from a layoff, such as when the employee is hired into a previous position number after a break in service. AP
AANON Promotion--Noncompetitive Noncompetitive promotion. PR
AACMP Promotion--Competitive Competitive promotion. PR
AAPRO Promotion Job changes because of a promotion from a lower classification or pay, such as a rank promotion. PR
BRETE Post Retirement Ends End of post-retirement appointment. AP
BRETB Post Retirement Begins Start of post-retirement appointment. AP
PSALS Pay Increase--Special Special meritorious pay increase. PC
PSALO Pay Increase--Other Unique pay change not otherwise defined. Supporting comments suggested. PC
XRETR PERS/ORP Adjustment Re-activation of terminated job to process a retirement-related deduction adjustment. JA
OVERE Overload Ends Termination of an overload job. PO
OVERB Overload Begins Instructional or non-instructional overloads (Job Type = O) for pay over 1.0 FTE; not to include stipends. PO
OTHER Other / See Comments A unique reason for a change to a job record other than those found on the standards table. Strongly recommend use of the comment field on PEAJCDD for documentation. JA
ABOUS OUS System Transfer Employee's job is transferred from another OUS institution or when an unclassified or classified employee transfers between OUS institutions. AP
FYNEW New Fiscal Year Maintenance Updating a job record at the beginning of the fiscal year for non-pay and non-FTE changes that include one or more of the following: change # of pays, index, major org, group salary table. Also see FYER. JA
PNEG Negotiated Pay Increase Negotiated pay increase as part of a bargaining unit contract. PC
MULTI Multiple Job Changes This code is entered last in a series of job change reason code entries to serve as an indicator that multiple job changes have taken place on the same date. JA
PMIN Minimum Wage Adjustment Adjust pay to current minimum wage rate. PC
PMERT Merit Increase Pay increases due to a merit raise; includes classified step increases. PC
BLIMD Limited-Duration Appointment New job is for a specified time period (SEIU/classified only). AP
BLOAR Leave Ends End of a leave of absence (non-sabbatical). LV
BLOAB Leave Begins Start of a leave of absence (non-sabbatical). LV
HCTTL Job Title Change No definition available JA
TERMJ Job Record Ends Job ends without known termination of employment, such as job-endings that are not FIXCE or WAGEE. Also refer to TERME. AP
AAHIR Job Record Begins Initial Job effective-dated record assigned to an employee for this position and suffix. AP
HCSTA Job Location Change Job location is moved or needs correction. JA
ITCLC IT Comp Level Change IT competency level changes when it is determined the position duties warrant a shift in the IT comp level. AP
PGEN General Pay Increase A general pay increase (not merit or COLA) granted to a specific employee population. PC
FIXCE Fixed-Term Renewable Ends End of fixed-term renewable contract. AP
FIXNR Fixed-Term Non-Renewable Ends End of fixed-term non-renewable contract. AP
FIXCS Fixed-Term Contract Begins Start of fixed-term contract. AP
FTVAR Fixed Term Appt - Variable FTE Start of a fixed-term appointment contract with possible monthly FTE variance based on grant funding availability. AP
FYER Fiscal Year-End Roll Job effective-dated records created by NBPMASS as part of fiscal year-end processing. Job records reflect a July 1 effective date, however the record does not differ from the previous effective-dated job record. JA
FTETP FTE Change - Temporary Temporary Appointment % change. Also refer to FTEPM and APTPL. AP
FTEPM FTE Change - Permanent Permanent Appointment % change. Also refer to FTETP and APTPL. AP
FTEVR FTE - Voluntary Reduction This Job Change Reason Code was added specifically to support the 2009 Voluntary FTE Reduction Program; a temporary work reduction for budget-required reasons. Using this code would indicate that the employee voluntarily agreed to participate in this program and to receive a temporary FTE reduction. The program is in effect from 01-MAR-2009 through 30-JUN-2009. It should NOT be used to identify any other type of FTE reduction in the job record. AP
PEQTY Equity Adjustment Pay rate adjustments for reasons of market equity. PC
TERME Employment Ends Termination of employment. Also refer to TERMJ. AP
PREME Differential Pay Ends Percentage-based differential ends. PO
PREMB Differential Pay Begins Percentage-based differential begins. PO
ACHNG Department Change No definition available JA
ACDV Demotion--Voluntary Employee requests a new job which is a demotion in classification or pay (a downward change in position class). DM
ACDI Demotion--Involuntary Employee is moved to a lower classification or pay based upon an administrative decision (disciplinary in nature). DM
ACDX Demotion--In Lieu of Layoff Employee is demoted to a lower classification or pay instead of being laid off (the employee's choice). DM
PDEFE Deferred Pay Ends End of deferred pay plan. JA
PDEFB Deferred Pay Begins Start of deferred pay plan. JA
NONE Default Code for No Job Change Users should not select this code as a Job Change Reason. "None" is used as an automated placeholder within the OUS modification to NBAJOBS. The OUS modification corrects the duplication of job change reason codes found in baseline Banner. AP
CONV DO NOT USE: BPP Sys Conversion Conversion from the Budget-Payroll-Personnel (BPP) System. ZZ
XPCOR Correction of Pay Pay correction due to input error or insufficient/incorrect information. Also see XCORR. PC
XCORR Correction of Job Record Corrections to the job record that are unrelated to pay. Also see XPCOR. JA
GEXCD Contract Renewal/Extension Employee's contract period is renewed with no break in service, requiring the job end date to be extended. AP
GRECD Contract Reduction Employee's contract period is reduced, requiring the job end date to be changed to an earlier date. AP
PCOLA COLA A cost-of-living adjustment granted to a specific employee population. PC
HAPTP Appointment-Type Change A change in conditions of employment (e.g. a change in representation, movement between salaried and hourly or limited duration and regular, etc.). AP
APTPC Appointment Percent Change Any change in Appointment %. Also refer to FTEPM and FTETP. AP
PIRSA AP In-Range Pay Advancement Specific to PSU's AAUP contract and the negotiated "Academic Professional" in-range pay advancement. PC
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