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PTRTENR - Faculty Tenure Codes

Defines tenure codes and associates them with rules specifying tenure eligibility and status.
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A Annual Tenure Annual tenure appointments are appointments given to faculty employed .50 FTE or more whom the institution considers to be on the tenure track, in that, on completion of an appropriate probationary period, they will be evaluated and considered for appointment to indefinite tenure. Source: OAR 580-021-0100(1)(b)(A)
E Emeritus No definition available
F Fixed Term Fixed-term appointments are appointments for a specified period of time, as set forth in the notice of appointment. Fixed-term appointments are designed for use at the discretion of the president in such cases as, but not limited to, appointments of visiting faculty (or similar category); academic staff members whose support wholly or principally comes from gift, grant or contract funds, the cessation of which funding would eliminate the budget base for the position in question; part-time faculty; administrative staff with faculty rank; and faculty appointments during an initial probationary period where an institutional policy has been adopted or negotiated that establishes such probationary period. Source: OAR 580-021-0100(1)(a)(A); OAR 580-021-0100(1)(a)(C)
FA Fixed Term Adjunct No definition available
FF Fixed Term Fellow No definition available
FL Fixed Term Affiliate No definition available
FV Fixed Term Visting No definition available
I Indefinite Tenure Indefinite tenure appointments are appointments given selected faculty members having an appointment of .50 FTE or more. Such appointments are made by the president in witness of the institution's formal decision that the faculty member has demonstrated such professional competence that the institution will not henceforth terminate employment except for cause, financial exigency, or program or department reductions or eliminations. Source: OAR 580-021-0100(1)(b)(B)
IP Indefinite < FT Tenure Less than 1.0 FTE Tenure Commitment: Some tenure-related positions may carry less than a 1.0 FTE tenure commitment following the granting of indefinite tenure. Included are: part-time, tenure-related positions less than 1.0 FTE; those part-time tenure-related positions that are supplemented with grant or contract support to increase the salary basis to 1.0 FTE as long as the outside salary support continues. Source: OSU Academic Appointment Guidelines at
TD Tenure Reduction Employee who has entered into an agreement to relinquish tenure over a phased-in period.
TR Tenure Relinquishment Employee who has entered into a tenure relinquishment agreement.
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