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PTRTREA - Termination Reason Codes

Defines termination codes.
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Code Banner Title Definition
R7 Resig--Deemed Resignation When an employee's termination is deemed to be a resignation.
T3 Term--Nonrenewal--Other Termination, or non-renewal, for reason(s) other than funding.
T2 Term--Nonrenewal--Funding Termination, or non-renewal, for funding reasons; for example, budget cuts, unrenewed funding, or expiration of grant funding.
T9 Term--End of Temporary Service Termination of temporary support staff
T8 Term--Student Other Termination of student employment for reasons other than graduation
T0 Term--End of Courtesy Appt Termination of a courtesy appointment.
X2 Transfer to Other State Agency Termination due to transfer to another state agency within Oregon.
X1 Transfer to Other OUS Site Termination due to transfer to another OUS institution or site.
T7 Term--Death Termination due to the employee's death.
T5 Term--Graduated/No Lngr Studnt Termination due to graduation.
T4 Term--Layoff Termination due to a layoff or reduction in force.
X3 Not Otherwise Specified Termination cannot accurately be associated with any of the defined codes.
T1 Term--Trial Svc Removal Termination because the employee's trial service period was not completed.
R1 Resig--Not Spcfd by Employee Resignation without a specified reason.
RP Resig--Post Retirement Resignation from a post-retirement appointment.
R4 Resig--Compensation Resignation for reasons associated with compensation issues.
R8 Resig--Non Work Related Resignation for personal reason; not work related.
R5 Resig--Retirement Resignation due to retirement.
R6 Resig--Early Retirement Resignation due to early retirement.
R3 Resig--Relocation Resignation because of relocation; for example, to another city or state.
R2 Resig--Status Chng Uncl/Class Resignation because of a change in classified or unclassified status.
R9 Resig--Work Related For use by the Appointing Authority only, in situations when an employee resigns for a reason other than that defined in a specific code.
T6 Term--Other (Appt Auth Use) For use by the Appointing Authority only, in situations when an employee is terminated for a reason other than that defined in a specific code.
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