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PTVBDTY - Benefit/Deduction Type Codes

Establishes codes and descriptions for benefits and deductions.
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Code Banner Title Definition
09 Deferred compensation Unspecified deferred compensation other than 401K or 403B
06 State Unemployment State Unemployment
04 State Income Tax State Income Tax
05 State Disability State Disability
18 Retirement Retirement
17 Pension Pension
B3 Other Medical Other Medical
B4 Opt-Out Opt-Out
08 Medicare portion of FICA Medicare portion of FICA
B6 Job Share Job Share
13 Insurance over $50,000 Insurance over $50,000 coverage
12 Health Health
GN Garnishment Garnishment
20 Foreign Persons Tax Foreign Persons Tax - 1042S reportable
21 Foreign Persons State Tax- Foreign Persons State Tax-1042S reportable
02 Fica Tax Fica Tax
03 Federal Unemployment Federal Unemployment
01 Federal Income Tax Federal Income Tax
25 Employee Life Insurance Employee Life Insurance Non-taxable
15 Employee Life Insurance Employee Life Insurance
11 Earned Income Credit Earned Income Credit
26 Dependent Life Insurance Dependent Life Insurance Non-taxable
16 Dependent Life Insurance Dependent Life Insurance
B5 Dental Dental
B2 Co-Pay Co-Pay
07 City/Local Tax City/Local Tax
55 Canadian Union Dues Canadian Union Dues
54 Canadian Taxable Allowances Canadian Taxable Allowances and Benefits
53 Canadian Pension Plan Canadian Registered Pension Plan Contribution
59 Canadian Provincial Insurance Plan Canadian Provincial Parental Insurance Plan
51 Canadian Pension Plan Canadian Pension Plan
57 Canadian Payments Canadian Payments to a Deferred Profit-Sharing Plan
60 Canadian Laboour-Sponsored Fund FTQ Canadian Labour-Sponsored Fund or Quebec FTQ
50 Canadian Federal Income Tax Canadian Federal Income Tax
58 Canadian Employment Insurance Canadian Employment Insurance Rebate
52 Canadian Employment Insurance Canadian Employment Insurance
56 Canadian Charitable Donations Canadian Charitable Donations
83 California STRS Repayment California STRS Repayment
80 California STRS Deduction California STRS Deduction
85 California PERS California PERS Survivor Benefit
84 California PERS Repayment California PERS Repayment
82 California PERS California PERS Modified Earnings Deduction
87 California PERS California PERS Employer Additional Contribution
86 California PERS California PERS Employee Additional Contribution
81 California PERS California PERS All Earnings Deduction
B7 Basic Life Basic Life
B8 Admin Fees/Contributions Admin Fees/Contributions/Subsidies
10 403B annuity 403B annuity
14 401K Annuity 401K Annuity
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