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PTVJCTY - Job Change Type Codes

Establishes job change type codes.
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Code Banner Title Definition
DM Demotion Used when an employee is moved to a lower classification.
ZZ Retired Code These codes are no longer used.
PR Promotion Promotions from a lower classification or rank with expansion of duties; may include an associated pay increase.
PO Pay Other Pay for work in addition to regular duties (e.g. differentials, overloads, premium pay, stipends, work out of class, etc.). When a job change reason within this Job Change Type category is assigned to a job record, the General Job screen of the employee?s job record must have the Job Type set to "Overload".
JA Job Attributes Changes to aspects of an employee's current job having no bearing on pay or appointment (e.g. changes to supervisor, organization, deferred pay, fiscal year effective date, etc.).
PC Pay Change A change in pay not related to appointment, promotion or demotion.
LV Leave A change in job status involving a leave of absence (sabbatical or non-sabbatical).
AP Appointment A change concerning the nature of an appointment, levels of full-time equivalency (FTE) or its duration.
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