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Section 02.01: Account Codes -- Student Tuition & Fees (01000-02099)


Revenue resulting from charges of mandatory enrollment fees and other specific fees assessed directly to students. Mandatory enrollment fees include tuition, resource fees, building fees, incidental fees and health services fees.

[1] Tuition

[2] Resource Fees

[3] Mandatory Enrollment Fees

[a] Building Fees

[b] Other Mandatory Enrollment Fees

[c] Incidental Fees

Incidental fees are fees paid by students each quarter/term to support those programs which are an integral part of the campus, but are in addition to the academic mission of the institution. These fee recommendations are initially made by student committees on each campus, in accordance with a Board-approved incidental fee policy (OAR 580-010-0090). In some instances the student committee recommendations are supported by general campus student referenda. The funds generated by these fees are, as specified by the OAR, to be used for "student union activities, educational, cultural, and student government activities, and athletic activities." The president of each institution reviews the student committee recommendations. Once satisfied with the proposal, the president submits the recommendation to the Chancellor for his review; the Chancellor in turn submits the proposal to the Board.
01410 Incidental Fee - Other
Fees not covered in 01401, Incidental Fees - Institutional.

[d] Student Health Fees

[4] Other Student Fees

[5] Fee Remissions

[a] Oregon Minority Enrollment Initiative

[b] International Cultural Service Program

[c] International Exchange Programs

[d] Contract and Grant Fee Remission

[e] Other Fee Remissions

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