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Section 02.06: Account Codes -- Sales and Services (06000-06999)


The following account codes are used to record revenues from institutional or departmental sales, services, rentals and fines. For inter-departmental sales and services see section 02.095 - Service Department Sales Reimbursements, or section 02.16 - Internal Sales Reimbursement.

[1] General Sales and Services

[2] Fines and Penalties

[3] Fees and Permits

[4] Events and Performances

[5] Rentals, Housing, and Food Service

[6] Other Sales and Service

06981 Sale or Trade in of Assets
This account is used to distribute the proceeds or trade-in allowance received upon disposal of non-proprietary assets not held as investments. Sale proceeds and trade-in allowances are to be originally recorded in the 'Sale of Asset-Undist Inc Clearing' fund 095880 using the 'Undistributed Income' account B5801 and later cleared/redistributed via the Fixed Asset System 'Sale of Asset' function using the 06981 account.

Note: Proceeds/Trade-in allowances for disposals of Proprietary assets flow through the clearing in the same manner but are ultimately recorded in the proprietary funds as cash (A0901) with the appropriate system calculated Gain (08030) or Loss (42001) recorded in the proprietary fund at time of disposal. This is achieved automatically using the Fixed Asset System 'Sale of Asset' function.

(Use only when transactions are with entities outside of OUS. All State Surplus Property sales are to be considered arms length transactions and are therefore deemed to be outside of OUS. Intra-OUS asset transfers are not sales or trade-ins. Intra-Institutional transfers require a Transfer in the Fixed Asset System whereas an inter-institutional transfer would require a write off to the transferring institution and a new record be created in the receiving institution.)
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