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Section 02.10: Account Codes -- Personal Services (10100-19999)


This group of account codes applies to all payroll expenditures. It is divided into eight categories: The following abbreviations are used throughout this section:

[1] Unclassified Salaries

[2] Unclassified Pay

Unclassified pay accounts are used for supplemental pay types for unclassified personnel including academic wages for non-permanent contracts and for services rendered during summer term.
10201 Unclassified Overload Pay - Instructional
Special or additional pay to compensate unclassified staff members for instructional services rendered that exceed full-time employment (e.g., when additional service causes a faculty member's "Term" FTE to exceed 1.00). If the employment contract period is shorter than 12 months, the provision applies only for the months to which the contract pertains. This pay is not considered salary for retirement purposes.

[3] Classified Salaries

[4] Classified Pay

[5] Student Pay

[6] Salaries and Pay to Clinical Fellows and Graduate Assistants

[7] Benefit Compensation

[8] Other Payroll Expenses

[a] Other Payroll Expenses

[b] Other Payroll Expenses - Payroll System Adjustments

[c] Accrued Leave

[d] Graduate Fee Remission/Benefit/Subsidy

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