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Section 02.10: Account Codes -- Personal Services (10100-19999)


This group of account codes applies to all payroll expenditures. It is divided into eight categories: The following abbreviations are used throughout this section:

[1] Unclassified Salaries

[2] Unclassified Pay

[3] Classified Salaries

[4] Classified Pay

These codes record supplemental and miscellaneous non-budgeted payments. These include vacation payout, overtime, differentials (shift, lead-worker, and work out-of-class) and special pay (penalty pay, special duty, stand-by/on-call and pay in lieu of retirement).
10411 Vacation Pay
Payments made to classified employees upon termination or in accordance with SEIU/OPEU contract terms. It excludes pay to an employee on regular vacation(see account code 10301 - Staff - Classified Salaries). Amounts paid using this account code are taxed at the supplemental rate.

[5] Student Pay

[6] Salaries and Pay to Clinical Fellows and Graduate Assistants

[7] Benefit Compensation

[8] Other Payroll Expenses

[a] Other Payroll Expenses

[b] Other Payroll Expenses - Payroll System Adjustments

[c] Accrued Leave

[d] Graduate Fee Remission/Benefit/Subsidy

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