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Section 02.36: Account Codes -- Fixed Assets/Accumulated Depreciation (A8000-A8999)


The following account codes are used to record the capitalization and accumulated depreciation of all non-expendable, tangible personal property and real property (also known as 'Fixed Assets') from proprietary and non-proprietary funds. Proprietary funds include all auxiliary enterprise and service department funds while non-proprietary funds include all funds except auxiliary enterprises and service departments.

The capitalization and accumulated depreciation of non-proprietary funded fixed assets should be recorded in the Net Investment in Plant fund 890000 using the below asset/contra asset accounts but are to be procured using the 4xxxx capital outlay accounts. The capitalization and accumulated depreciation of proprietary funded fixed assets should be recorded in the individual auxiliary enterprise/service department funds using the below asset/contra asset accounts.

The following asset account codes are also used to procure fixed assets with proprietary funds. (See 4xxxx account series for asset procurements from non-proprietary funds.) The following account codes are used for recording fixed assets and accumulated depreciation in the General Ledger as well as in the Banner Fixed Assets system.

Section Layout:

[1] Personal Property
[2] Real Property
[3] Accumulated Depreciation

[1] Personal Property

Personal property is defined as tangible property that meets the following criteria:

The unit-cost limit does not apply in the following situations:

For all other equipment valued at less than $5,000, use code 20200 - Minor Equipment, unless a more specific code is available.

The following ancillary costs should also be capitalized:

For purchases acquired through a lease-purchase or installment payment arrangement, see section 02.12 [4] Miscellaneous Capital Outlay.

See Fiscal Policy 55.100 " Fixed Asset Accounting Policies" for more information and definition of Non-Expendable Personal Property, including capitalization threshold information.

A8015 Vessels
Expenditures for the purchase of vessels, including any materials and supplies used in the improvement of the vessels themselves or equipment on board the vessel. A vessel is defined as a boat, ship or craft that is made to float or travel upon the water and is greater than 25 feet in length. It may or may not be powered by a marine engine. For anything less than 25 feet (e.g., canoes or rafts), use A8011 - Equipment . For docks and ramps see [2] Real Property. (For purchases from non-proprietary funds see account 40201 - Vessels.)

[2] Real Property

[3] Accumulated Depreciation

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