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Section 02.11J: Account Codes -- Fiscal Management Expense (287XX)

[1] Services and Supplies -- Fiscal Management Expense

28701 Insurance
Expenditures for insurance premiums, including life insurance, fire insurance, health insurance, hazard insurance, liability insurance, etc. Excludes Insurance Fund property assessments (see account code 28061 (Property - Insurance Fund)).
28702 Fidelity Bonds
Expenditures for purchase of fidelity bonds.
28703 Taxes and Licenses
Payments made for taxes and licenses. Sales or excise taxes that are part of the purchase of materials or services are not segregated and charged to this code.
28704 Medical Insurance - Non-Employee
Payments made for medical insurance coverage for non-employees (i.e. athletic or event insurance).
28705 Liability Insurance - Private Carrier
Payments made to a private carrier for liability insurance.
28706 Ins Benefits-Non-Empl (non-report)
Payments made on behalf of non-employee subject workers for non-tax reportable insurance benefits.
28710 Credit Card Discounts
Discounts charged when payment is accepted by credit card.
28711 Bad Debt Expense
Accounts Receivable amounts written off as uncollectible or amounts charged to establish a provision for bad debts.
28712 Collection Costs
Expenses incurred while collecting past due receivables. Generally, this code includes fees paid to an outside agency for the collection of outstanding receivables.
28713 Settlement in Lieu of Litigation
This payment is not subject to withholding nor included as gross income to the recipients under Internal Revenue Code Section 104.
28714 Settlement as the Result of Litigation (Tax Reportable)
For payments as the result of litigation. This account code is to be used whether or not the attorney is the exclusive payee (e.g. attorney's and claimant's names are on one check). This amount is included on form 1099, box 14 "Gross Proceeds Paid to Attorney".
28715 Risk Mgmt TPA Claims Reimb
Reimbursements paid to Third Party Administrator (TPA) for payments on risk insurance claims and settlements on behalf of OUS. Not to be used for fees charged by the TPA, fees are tax reportable and accounted for on account 24599.
28721 Loss on Disposal of Asset
For losses incurred when an asset is sold at less than book value, which includes the purchase price, fees, taxes and other charges related to the purchase.
28722 Write-Off Undepreciated Value
Charges to operating accounts for the undepreciated value of assets (excluding investments) that are sold, traded in or otherwise removed from service. The undepreciated value is charged to a Service Department Fund or Auxiliary Enterprise Fund with a corresponding credit to an Unexpended Plant Fund Operating Reserves using account code 08001- Miscellaneous Other Revenue.
28723 Inventory Adjustment/Write-Off
To record expense or negative expense to adjust book inventory to actual physical inventory, or to write off inventory losses. (See FASOM 08.04: Fixed Assets -- Expendable Property)
28725 Intellectual Property Reg. Fee
Expenses directly related to the filing and registration of intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights, plant protection, and patents.
28730 Medical Insurance - Domestic Students
Payments made for medical insurance coverage for domestic students.
28731 Medical Insurance - International Students
Payments made for medical insurance coverage for international students.
28732 Medical Insurance - Law Students
Payments made for medical insurance coverage for law students.

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