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Section 02.11K: Account Codes -- Debt/Investment Expense (288XX)

[1] Services and Supplies -- Debt/Investment Expense

28801 Purchase of Investment
The recorded cost of an investment, which includes the purchase price, fees, taxes and other charges related to the purchase. The fair market value is recorded for an investment acquired in exchange for assets or services.

This account code excludes payment for accrued interest at the time of purchase, which is an interest expense and must be deducted from subsequent interest collections to measure effective earnings (see account code 28810 (Interest Expense)).
28802 Bond Principal Payment
Expenditures for principal retirement of bonds. (FOR CONTROLLER'S DIVISION USE ONLY.)
28803 COPS - Principal Payment
Debt service payments on Certificates of Participation (COPs) principal. (FOR CONTROLLER'S DIVISION USE ONLY.)
28804 SELP Principal Payment
Expenditures for payment of principal amounts on repayment of Oregon Department of Energy (ODE) Small Energy Loan Program (SELP) loans.
28805 Internal Bank Loan Principal Paymnt
Expenditures for payment of principal amounts on repayment of internal bank loans.
28809 Loss on Investments
Actual loss on an investment that is recoded when the investment is sold. Equals the difference between the current Fair Market Value and the actual sale price.
28810 Interest Expense - Misc
Expenditures for interest charges not otherwise classified (i.e. Treasury cash accounts).
28811 Interest Expense - Bond Debt Service
Expenditures for interest charges on bond debt service. (FOR CONTROLLER'S DIVISION USE ONLY.)
28812 Interest Expense - COPs
Expenditures for interest charges on Certificates of Participation (COPs). (FOR CONTROLLER'S DIVISION USE ONLY.)
28813 Interest Expense - SELP
Expenditures for interest charges on Oregon Department of Energy (ODE) Small Energy Loan Program (SELP) loans.
28814 Interest Exp - Internal Bank Loans
Interest Exp - Internal Bank Loans
28815 Arbitrage Rebate
Payments to the Internal Revenue Service for interest earned in excess of allowable interest earnings on individual bond series or on certificate of participation (COPs) issues. (FOR CONTROLLER'S DIVISION USE ONLY.)
28816 Penalty in Lieu of Arbitrage Rebate
Payments to the Internal Revenue Service as forfeitures for failure to expend bond or certificate of participation proceeds within the time period specified for each issue. (FOR CONTROLLER'S DIVISION USE ONLY.)
28817 Int Exp Internal Bank Earnings Dist
Interest expenses distributed OUS institutions from the internal bank when individual funds' average balance for the quarter is negative. This account code should only be used by the Chancellor's Office.
28820 Investment Premium Amortization
The portion of an investment premium that is periodically applied (credited) to the investment in order for the investment to be reduced to face value at maturity.
28821 COPS - Discount/Premium
The difference below/above par value when Certificates of Participation (COPS) are sold. (FOR CONTROLLER'S DIVISION USE ONLY.)
28822 Bond Discount
Discounts charged when a bond is sold below par value. The expenditure may be based on a rate or a dollar amount. For bonds sold above par see 05203 - Bond Premium. (FOR CONTROLLER'S DIVISION USE ONLY.)
28830 Contributions to COPS - Debt Service
Use with Budgeted Operations, Service Department and Auxiliary Enterprise funds to record debt service contributions (see account code 05210 - COPS - Debt Service). (FOR CONTROLLER'S DIVISION USE ONLY.)
28831 Contributions to Sinking Fund
Use with Auxiliary Enterprise funds to record Sinking Fund contributions (see account code 05215 - Sinking Fund Contributions). (FOR CONTROLLER'S DIVISION USE ONLY.)
28840 Investment Administrative Expense
To record investment administrative expense charged by a manager of specific investments in the endowment funds. This account code does not include general administrative fees associated with all investments, such as management consulting or legal fees originating from the State Treasurer's Office. For financial reporting purposes, investment admnistrative fees are reported as a reduction of investment income.

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