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Section 02.11M: Account Codes -- Training (290XX)

[1] Training

29001 Training - Books
Costs of books used for employee training.
29002 Training - Publications
Costs of publications and other printed material, other than books, used for employee training.
29005 Membership - Professional Organization - Training
Expenditures for dues or membership fees that result from participation in a professional association when the association is joined specifically for the training opportunities available through the association. (For associations joined for other than training benefit reasons see 28901 - Dues and membership - Program, or 28902 - Membership in Civic/Community Organizations.)
29010 Training - Supplies
Cost of supplies used in conducting employee training.
29020 Training - Equipment (Non-Capitalized)
Minor equipment purchase for use in employee training.
29030 Online Training
Cost of Ed-Net facilities and services incurred for employee training.
29040 Training - Tuition/Registration - Employee
Tuition and registration fees incurred for employee training.
29050 In-House Training
Costs of services and other expenses associated with employee training conducted on site or otherwise considered to be in house and conducted by an OUS employee.
29051 Interagency Training - Educational Instruction Services
Costs associated with employee training conducted by another agency of the State of Oregon other than OUS.
29052 Outside Training - Educational Instruction Services
Costs associated with employee training services provided by an outside instructor, consultant or service.

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