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Section 02.16: Account Codes -- Internal Sales Reimbursement (79000-79999)


These codes are used to record reimbursements for sales and services to other entities within the institution and OUS. For revenues from non-OUS sources see sections 02.06 - Sales and Services, 02.07 - Medical and Hospital Services Income, and 02.08 - Other Revenues (account types 56 and 57 only).

[1] Publications and Graphics Internal Reimbursement

79103 Press Reimbursement
Press Reimbursement
79106 Photographer and Artist Service Reimbursement
Photographer and Artist Service Reimbursement
79107 Duplicating and Copying Reimbursement
Duplicating and Copying Reimbursement
79108 Printing and Publishing Reimbursement
Printing and Publishing Reimbursement
79110 Copy Service Reimbursement
Copy Service Reimbursement
79111 Paper Sales Reimbursement
Paper Sales Reimbursement
79120 Mailing Services Reimbursement
Mailing Services Reimbursement
79121 Mailing Supplies Reimbursement
Mailing Supplies Reimbursement
79122 Advertising Reimbursement
Advertising Reimbursement

[2] Computer Service Reimbursement

79201 Machine Processing Reimbursement
Machine Processing Reimbursement
79202 Disk and Tape Storage Reimbursement
Disk and Tape Storage Reimbursement
79203 Programming Reimbursement
Programming Reimbursement
79204 Data Entry Reimbursement
Data Entry Reimbursement
79205 Computer Service Material and Supplies Reimbursement
Computer Service Material and Supplies Reimbursement
79206 Computer Center Reimbursement - Other
Computer Center Reimbursement - Other
79209 Computer Center Services Reimbursement
Computer Center Services Reimbursement

[3] General and Miscellaneous Service Credits

79301 Instructional Sales Reimbursement
Instructional Sales Reimbursement
79302 Non-instructional Sales Reimbursemnt
Credits for services rendered within or between any fund groups not accounted for by another account code. Reimbursements from other state agencies for a shared expense that OUS has originally incurred. Used with General Budgeted Operations Funds only as a reduction of expense.
79313 Rentals Reimbursement
Rentals Reimbursement
79314 Physical Plant Sales Reimbursemnt
Credits for services rendered by sub-units within the Physical Plant. For Physical Plant use only.
79316 Risk Mgmt Insurance Recover Reimb
Risk Management insurance recovery reimbursements from the OUS self insurance pool for recovery of losses from claims made for general liability, property, etc.
79320 Telecommunications Service Reimbursement
Telecommunications Service Reimbursement
79321 Entry Fee Internal Reimb-Competitor
Internal Sales Reimbursement for entry or registration feeds required of participants for competitive events. The fee may be for individuals or for a team. This account code is only active for Charts C (OSU) and E (WOU).
79325 Food Service/Catering Reimbursement
Food Service/Catering Reimbursement
79331 Animal Sales Reimbursement
Animal Sales Reimbursement
79332 Animal Board Reimbursement
Animal Board Reimbursement
79333 Feed and Bedding Sales Reimbursement
Feed and Bedding Sales Reimbursement
79334 Veterinary Surgery and Surgical Equipment Reimbursement
Veterinary Surgery and Surgical Equipment Reimbursement
79341 Mechanical Parts & Supplies Reimbursements
Mechanical Parts & Supplies Reimbursements
79342 Special Material Sales Reimbursement
Special Material Sales Reimbursement
79343 Technical Services Reimbursement
Technical Services Reimbursement
79350 Resale of Equipment Reimbursement
To record internal sales reimbursement from sale of equipment, purchased or manufactured by a unit of the institution.
79360 Health Care Services Reimbursement
Health Care Services Reimbursement
79361 Pharmacy Reimbursement
Pharmacy Reimbursement
79381 Conference Reimbursement
Conference Reimbursement
79382 Trip and Tour Reimbursement
Trip and Tour Reimbursement
79383 Transportation Reimbursement
Transportation Reimbursement
79384 Parking Permits Reimbursement
Parking Permits Reimbursement
79385 Vehicle and Equipment Use Reimbursement
Vehicle and Equipment Use Reimbursement
79387 Vehicle Servicing Reimbursement
Vehicle Servicing Reimbursement
79388 Vehicle Fuel Sales Reimbursement
Vehicle Fuel Sales Reimbursement
79389 Collision Recovery Reimbursement
Collision Recovery Reimbursement
79390 Administrative Services Reimbursement
Administrative Services Reimbursement
79391 Miscellaneous Sales Reimbursement
Miscellaneous Sales Reimbursement
79392 Miscellaneous Services Reimbursement
Miscellaneous Services Reimbursement
79393 Specialized Service Center - Operation & Maintenance Reimbursement
Operation and maintenance income from fully costed specialized service center. See also 28203 - Operation and Maintenance of Physical Plant Overhead Charge.
79394 Specialized Service Center - General & Administrative Reimbursement
General and administrative income from fully costed specialized service center. See also 28204 - General Administration Overhead Charge.
79395 Specialized Service Center - Building Use Reimbursement
Building use income from fully costed specialized service center. See also 28202 - Building Use Overhead Charge.
79398 Departmental Allocations to Service Departments
Amounts credited to a service department to subsidize a service that is not self-supporting (see account code 24902 - Service Department Support Charge).
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