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FWRBDPJ (8.0.a) - This OUS-developed report generates a list of Building Project grants (grants whose left-most digit = 9). The report is divided into two parts: Part 1 = Funds within Grants within Charts. Part 2 = Funds within Charts within Grants. A parameter option gives the user a choice of both parts or just part 2. This report has two primary purposes: (1) to compare actual revenue and expenditures to budgeted revenue and expenditures and (2) to identify negative cash balances. The report does NOT compare actual expenditures to the legislative expenditure limitation. For comparing actual expenditures to the legislative expenditure limitation, use report FWRBDLR. For additional information pertaining to "How this Report Works" and "Issues to Be Aware Of", refer to the fiscal policy manual "Accounting for Unexpended Plant Funds" - Section 05.780.763
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