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Summary of Modification forNBKJFT1
Version 4.2.1.b - This SCT Banner baseline database trigger is associated with the NBAJFTE form and used in FTE calculation. It has been modified by OUS as follows: 1. Changed to compute the base salary on NBAJFTE using 'Per Pay Salary' and 'Pays' amounts from NBAJOBS rather than 'Base Units' from NBAPOSN and 'Assigned Salary' from NBAJOBS. 2. Changed to insert 'Pays' from NBAJOBS to NBAJFTE 'Base Units', rather than from 'Base Units' in NBAPOSN. 3. Changed to use the 'Factor' from NBAJOBS rather than the 'Annual Basis' from NBAPOSN if the "FACTOR" amount is the greater of the two.
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