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Version 8.1.b - This is an OUS report, developed to aid in the reconciliation of the centrally paid deduction agency fund balances in FIS. The report is comprised of three basic sections: detail out-of-balance by person; general ledger fund balance; and, operating ledger activity. This report gets information, by fund, from both Finance and HR. Assumptions are made based on the overall Centrally Paid Deduction Model to identify detail records that are out-of-balance between the aggregate warehouse and NHRDIST. The sum of this detail should equal the fund balance in FIS, excluding activity not originating from HR (PAUs and other adjustments). NOTE: Combining prior and current year reports is necessary if the current year begins out-of-balance. This report also provides beginning, net change and ending fund balance figures for all funds within the parameter range for the parameter fiscal year. In addition, the report makes assumptions based on the 'model' to present totals for the HR documents and inter-institutional JVs posted to FIS and then compares these figures to the data transferred to the warehouse and to FIS from HR.
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