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Version 8.2.c -This is an OUS report that highlights six situations to help identify input problems and correct payroll errors as follows: 1. Gross and Net Pay: The audits identify employees with gross and/or net pay exceeding whatever dollar amount is entered in parameter 05 (Threshold Amount). Both gross and net are checked, as it is possible to make an error in the entry of an "add/replace" amount and give an employee an erroneous figure. 2. Hours: The audit lists employees with paid hours exceeding the number of available hours in the month, or 173.33; whichever limit is greater. This should help identify situations of duplicate entry, data entry errors, etc. 3. Arrears: The audit identifies employees with arrearage deduction situations. 4. Deductions: The audit identifies classified employees who do not have 80 regular hours in a month (or 86.67 regular hours for unclassified employees), or are listed with their contribution deductions. Benefits personnel should review the entries in order to determine whether to stop these or other deductions. 5. FICA Warning: The audit identifies U.S. citizens who are not students and have TSS and TME deductions, but a status of exempt or waived. 6. Comp Error: The audit identifies scenarios where an employee's comp time earned, non-exempt or exempt, minus comp time taken, paid, adj., plus leave balance, is greater than 120. Version 4.2.a was a report modification with the following changes: Change hours in month to 184, report only PSA errors, and 9 month not in summer. The report also allows you to limit the report to certain Employee Classes by the use of parameter 06.
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