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Summary of Modification forPWRPREP
PWRPREP (8.7.C) - This OUS developed report produces eight reports listing discrepancies found in payroll data prior to the start of the monthly payroll process. The eight reports are: 1. No Union Dues/Fair Share report. 2. State Tax Deductions (Active Employees) With 3+ Exemptions report. 3. Employees Currently Paid - No Active Primary Job report. 4. Null Job Distribution report. 5. Default vs. Calculated Hours report. 6. Stopped Deductions Without End Dates report. 7. Select PEBB Part-Time Subsidy (PST, PS7) This particular version (6.1.b), adds a line of code missing from one of the report select statements. 8. Benefits Deductions 9. New report added with version 8.7.B that shows employees without an active TMA deduction that are at or over $175,000 TME subject gross.
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