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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for FFAMAST

Version - This SCT baseline form has been modified by OUS to ensure accurate maintenance and update of fixed asset records.FFAMAST has the following OUS modifications: 1) To action type ¿Permanent Tag ¿ Update Asset¿ add the following modifications: Make System Status Code (FFBMAST_SYSTEM_STATUS_CODE) enabled, updateable and required ¿ Validate Code to SDAT ¿ Do not allow changes either to or from codes D and C ¿ The user is not allowed to enter either D or C (invalid codes) ¿ If the code is already a D or C, the user is not allowed to change it ¿ Users should be able to change this field whether it is null or not when they enter the form, but should not be able to leave it null after entering the form. 2) To action type ¿Origination Tag ¿ Update Asset¿ add the following modification: Add code to plug parents Condition (FFBMAST_ACON_CODE) and Title To (FFBMAST_TTST_CODE) into the attachment¿s master screen. ¿ When an asset is an attachment these fields should default from the parent record and should not be updateable on the attachment record ¿ Current production mod

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