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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for FWRBCIP

Version 8.0.a - This is an OUS report that supports the annual capitalization of buildings and IOTBs. The process creates an Excel file of inception-to-date expenditures for 9xxxxxxxxx grants, by fund, showing expenditures for account in columns for 2xxxx, 401xx, 403xx-407xx, total expenditures, 40302, 40303, 40404, 403xx except 40302-40304, 404xx, 405xx, 406xx, 407xx, and 403xx-407xx. Version, 5.4.b fixed a bug in the range of grants selection when the report is run from job submission. Version 6.0.a changes the select for instance name to the first 4 characters of global_name.

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