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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for FWRCSHV

Version 8.7.A - This OUS developed report reflects the average monthly cash position based on parameters supplied by the user. Parameters changed to allow a range of periods instead of just 1 period/ Bank parameter changed to a single and % selects all. Transactionn date used instead of activity date. (Version 8.5.A) - ECSWON 202435 This report initially included a Parameter 05, called Accrual Indicator. The Accural Indicator parameter could be set to either Y or N when running results for period 12. When the Accrual Indicator is set to Y, the calculations for transactions dated 6/30/XX are being skewed. Treaury Operations has determined that we do not need the ability to include period 14 transactions in the monthly average balance calculations. This version of FWRCHSV removes the Accrual Indicator option from this report.

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