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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for NBAJFTE

Version 8.3.a - This SCT Banner baseline Job FTE/Salary Calculations and Tracking Form has been modified as follows: 1. changes to allow the 'Comment' checkbox in the scrolling window on the main screen to be checked 2. moved the label, 'Comments', slightly in the scrolling window on the main screen so that it displays correctly 3. changed the following labels on the screen: from 'Position Budget Basis' to 'Job Appt Basis' from 'Calculated Annualized FTE' to 'Calculated FTE' from 'Annual Salary' to 'Appt Salary' 4. changed the 'Base Units' label to 'Job Pays' on the screen to accurately reflect the fact that the value displayed is coming from NBAJOBS (nbrjobs_pays) vs. NBAPOSN (nbrptot_base_units). 5. changed so the form selects the "Per Pay Salary" rather than the "Assigned Salary" from NBAJOBS. This modification ensures that the calculated base salary (Annualized Salary Rate) on the NBAJFTE screen is correct for all employees, including those with deferred pay. 6. added a new view-only field, called 'Per Pay Salary', to the 'Associated Job Detail' section of the form to allow the user to view the NBAJOBS "Per Pay Salary" value that's used in calculation of the base salary. . 7. changed the 'Calculated Base Salary' label to 'Annualized Salary Rate' 8. changed to ensure that the NBAJOBS 'Appt Basis' value defaults in the Position Annual Basis field of NBAJFTE if the NBAJOBS 'Appt Basis' is greater than the 'Annual Basis' from NBAPOSN. (Technical Note: The following database objects were modified in support of the modifications made to this form: NBKJFTE, NBKJFT1, NBTJOBS1, NBTJOBS2, NOKMUP1).

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