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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for NBPMASS

Version - Redelivered in Release 7.0 - baseline changes unknown. OBJECT DESCRIPTION: This is the SCT Banner baseline Mass Classified Salary Increase Process. OUS has modified this process as follows: 1. Ensure that classified salaried and hourly employees are processed correctly. The modification causes the process to use the appointment % for salaried employees, and the hourly rate of pay for hourly employees. 2. Add the version number to page header of the report. 3. Changes to database procedures that insert/update NBAJFTE in order to accommodate the modifications that have been made to that form (see NBAJFTE modifications notes for details). Baseline NPBMASS should automatically update the PERJHIS table (Emloyee Job History) any time new Job Change records are created in NBRJOBS. While we have no OUS mods in this particular section of NBPMASS, it is good practice to test out this functionality with any new version of NBPMASS.

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