Banner Standards Management
Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for NHPFIN1

NHPFIN1 (8.5.A) - OUS has modified this Banner process to provide an OPE encumbrance recast based on the Salary Encumbrance as follows: (1) an encumbrance date parameter has been added to perform the OPE encumbrance recast amount; (2) the process scans the Encumbrance Period Detail (FGBENCP) table for any current records in NHRENCD, matching on encumbrance number, item, and sequence; it updates the "Interfaced" indicator to 'Y' if it is currently 'N' - this will assure that any salary encumbrances that have already posted to FIS will not try to post as original encumbrances (7PRI or 7OPI); (3) the process then takes the ¿Current Encumbrance to Post¿Enc to Post (nbrjlbd_fringe_enc_to_post) value from the NBIJLHS form and computes OPE encumbrances for Health, Retirement and Other. The Health OPE encumbrance is only computed for Primary NBAJOBS records, while Retirement OPE and Other OPE encumbrances are computed for Primary, Secondary and Overload NBAJOBS records. (4) Finally, NHPFIN1 inserts records into the NHRDIST and NHRFINC tables. The NHRDIST records are historical, and can be viewed via NHIDIST or NHIEDST. The NHRFINC records are used for the feed to Banner FIS. (5) Important Note: The NHRDIST and NHRFINC records will have a transaction date the same as the date the NHPFIN1 process was run (which will be the posting date to FIS).

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