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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for PHPDIRD

Version 8.7.A - This Banner process, that generates the direct deposit file, has been modified by OUS for all institutions to add check digit security and to include a print statement to write the security digit to the log file. The chart of account code has also been added to the output file. This baseline version of PHPDIRD includes a new parameter called ID Type which allows you to identify which ID (either the SSN or the Employee ID) will print out on the earnings statements. OUS used to have a mod that only allowd the printing of Employee ID. This mod is no longer needed with this new parameter. In version 8.7.A, an additional mod was added related to Ellucians' new parameter 08 (called Institution Bank Code) that was introduced with HR 8.6 in defect resolution CMS-DFCT104156). This new parameter allows a user to enter a valid Bank Code for the Check Date if they do want to use the Bank Code from PTRPICT or NTRFINI Active 'fiscal year record'. Since this new parameter has the potential to cause adverse processing implications in OUS, it is extremely risky to allow anyone to enter a value in this parameter. As a result, the new mod prevents any user for adding a value in this parameter. If a value is added, then no LIS file gets generated. We will instruct all OUS institutions to not even enter this new parameter in the GJAPDEF (job parameters) form. But there is always the risk that the new parameter will automatically get added back to GJAPDEF any time a new version of PHPDIRD is delivered from Ellucian.

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