Banner Standards Management
Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for PPAIDEN

Version 8.2.a - This Banner form has been modified by OUS for all institutions as follows: (1) the Confidentiality Indicator field now appears as a display only field in the key block. Maintenance of this indicator continues to reside in the Biographical screen; (2) corrected the navigation problem where users were not able to use the Ctrl+PgDwn function key or the Next Block icons to navigate through the form; (3) the SSN/SIN/TFN on the main screen can no longer be nulled out after it has previously been saved with a value; (4) force the birth year to be in the 20th century when user only enters 'yy' in this field; (5) the "Do you want to save changes" message no longer appears when no changes were entered.

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