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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for PWF_ASSGN_SALARY

Version 5.2.a - This is an OUS database object that is used by the PWAOEMP form. This particular version, 5.2.a, adds logic to calculate the salary for terminated records, taking into account the following: 1. No calculation is done if the record was terminated prior to the month being processed. 2. If the terminated record is in the month to be processed, the salary is calculated up to, and including, the day of the termination. 3. If the month containing the terminated record is beyond the month being processed, the full month's salary is calculated. Version 4.2.b addressed the following issue: Calculation of the "Forecast" column was incorrect for the month in which salary changes occurred. Resolution: The logic for this procedure was rewritten to fix the forecast column on the PWAOEMP screen.

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