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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for PWPCKPG

Version 8.5.A - This is an OUS process that looks for, and flags, all checks within HRIS that have been printed but not cashed. Running the process in 'audit' mode will produce a list of all uncashed checks; running the process in 'purge' mode will cause all such checks to be flagged within the database. Check rows are cancelled in table PHRDOCM: a `Z? is entered into the Recon Indicator and the PURGE DATE is entered into the Recon Date.Version 5.3.a contained changes to the spraddr SQL selection so that multiple addresses and check numbers are no longer included in the report. Version 5.3.c contains changes to the logic that retrieves the address information to eliminate duplicates and retrieve address information in more than one way. Version 8.5.A adds two new parameters to the process; parameter 04 (Inlcuded States) and parameter 05 (Excluded States). This allows the user to run the report only for one or more specified states, or to run it without one or more specified states. The two parameters are optional; if left blank the report will run for all states as it always has in the past. You can not have values in both of these new parameters for one given run of the report.

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