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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for PWPDR02

PWPDR02 (Version 8.3.b) This new program was developed in order to be able to terminate any active R02 (Retirement Employer Contribution) deduction records in two tables (PDRBDED and PDRDEDN) that reside behind the Employee Benefit/Deduction form (PDADEDN). The need for this program arose when one of our campuses stumbled across a situation in their production environment where they needed to re-activate an employee record that had terminated prior to the termination of the R02 deduction code in October 2006. This employee¿s PDADEDN record was intentionally left as ¿Active¿ when the employee record was terminated; a practice that some of our campuses use for certain employees if they anticipate that they will be returning to active employee status. When the employee record was re-activated after the R02 terminations in October 2006, there were problems with the first payroll run where this employee record was included. The payroll process got hung up on this record because the PDADEDN record showed an active R02 record for this employee when the R02 deduction code had an October 2006 ¿End Date¿ in the Benefit Category Rules form (PTRBCAT). The program has one parameter called Processing Mode where the user would enter A for Audit Mode or U for Update mode. When run in Update mode, the program will update the following two tables for the R02 deduction code as follows; (1) PDRBDED: Any R02 record with a Null value in the End Date column will have the End Date populated with a 31-Oct-2006 date. The Activity Date reflects the SysDate (2) PDRDEDN: A record gets inserted with an Effective Date of 31-Oct-2006 and the Status gets changed to Terminated. The Activity Date is the SysDate.