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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for PWRPAPR

Version 8.2.a - This is an OUS report that lists employee performance appraisal dates, excluding ecls TS and ecls U%. This particular version, 5.3.a, contains the following changes: 1) Change main select cursor nbrjobs_status comparison to look for "not terminated" rather than "active" so that employees on leave will also be scheduled; 2) Display the Review Completion Indicator on the report; 3) Select 12 months data (previous to the parameter-determined "BEGIN DATE") instead of 2 months. Version 5.2.a, contained the following enhancements: 1) the report will only list an employee's current job (previously, terminated jobs were listed in addition to current active jobs); 2) the Position Class, PositionTitle and Supervisor Name have been added to the report. Previous version was 3.1.a.

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