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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for PWRRECN

Version 8.5.A - This OUS developed process produces the batch reconciliation reports where HR reconciles to itself for various stages of the payroll process for gross, deducts, net and liabilities. If any monthly totals are out of balance in HR, additional reports are created to show missing records from one related table to another. Page one reconciles data at dispositions greater than 60 by year and payno; page two reconciles by history date for all dispositions. The error reports are system to date. The report runs from job submission and has two parameters, 'Fiscal Year' and 'Run all Error Reports'. The later is used to control how the error reports are ran. If this parameter is set to 'N', then only the error reports for the out-of-balance sections are ran and appended to the main report. If the error report flag is set to 'Y', then all error reports are ran regardless of the balancing condition on the main report. (Only out-of-balance error reports are appended and printed with the main report.)

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