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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for PWRVALD

Version 8.2.a - This OUS-developed report performs a "pre-feed" validation of HR FOAPAL elements against FIS validation tables. The report is intended to be run twice during production payroll processing (before PHPTIME and after PHPCALC), but can be run as often as desired, as it does not update the database. The process checks for invalid FOAPAL elements, and displays errors, when they exist in the following HR tables: NBRJLBD - job labor distributions (form: NBAJOBS) NBRPLBD - position labor distributions (form: NBAPBUD, where budgeted amounts and budgeted percents are greater than zero) PHRELBD - earnings labor distribution (form: PHAHOUR) PTRECLD - earn code labor distribution overrides (form: PTREARN) PTRBDLD - benefit/deduction labor distribution overrides (form: PTRBDCA) NTRFINI - FIS rule code labor distribution overrides (form: NTRFINI) NBRPTOT - orgn code (form: NBAPBUD) PEBEMPL - home dept & distribution orgn codes (form: PEAEMPL) NBRJOBS - status and orgn code (form: NBAJOBS)

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