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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for PXRW208

Version 7.2.7.a - This Banner baseline program has been modified by OUS to create a tab-delimited file (which is later sent to the OSU printing) whereas the baseline process creates W2 reports. A summary of other OUS changes is as follows: (1) Prints W-2 information to a tab-delimited file PXRW2.PRN (where is the last 2 digits of the current year e.g. PXRW207) instead of generating W-2 forms. This file is sent to OSU for printing except for UO which handles printing of their own W-2's. Note that technically this is large change in code compared to what is sent by SCT. (2) Restricted parameter 7 "W-2 Form Type" to 1, Standard IRS 1-Up. (3) Ignore parameter 10 "Print Page W-2 for all" and force all W-2's to be added to the print file even if an electronic consent has been given. (This has same effect as if the parameter were set to "Y") (4) Ignore parameter 11 "Mark as Reissued W-2" (5) Removed alignment page processing. This is the option of printing pages prior to the start of the actual W-2's for alignment purposes. Parameter 12 "Number of Alignment Pages" is ignored. (6) Added version number to log file report. (7) Changed wording on totals report regarding how many W-2's were printed. (8) Related API file PXKP_W2_1.sql (where is the current year e.g. _W2_20071.sql). These changes are listed in the documentation to the API.

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