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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for PXRW210

Version - This Banner baseline program has been modified by OUS to create a tab-delimited file (which is later sent to the OSU printing) whereas the baseline process creates W2 reports. A summary of other OUS changes is as follows: (1) Prints W-2 information to a tab-delimited file PXRW2.PRN (where is the last 2 digits of the current year e.g. PXRW207) instead of generating W-2 forms. This file is sent to OSU for printing except for UO which handles printing of their own W-2's. Note that technically this is large change in code compared to what is sent by SCT. (2) Restricted parameter 7 "W-2 Form Type" to 1, Standard IRS 1-Up. (3) Ignore parameter 11 "Mark as Reissued W-2" (4) Removed alignment page processing. This is the option of printing pages prior to the start of the actual W-2's for alignment purposes. Parameter 12 "Number of Alignment Pages" is ignored. (5) Added version number to log file report. (6) Changed wording on totals report regarding how many W-2's were printed. (7) Related API file PXKP_W2_1.sql (where is the current year e.g. _W2_20071.sql). These changes are listed in the documentation to the API. (8) If parameter 10 "Print Paper W-2 for all" is set to N, then paper opt-outs will be sent to a separate file ending in .prn2. This separate file will not be sent to printing and mailing.

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