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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for PWPCALN

PWPCALN 8.3.a This program compares rows in a school's PTRCALN table (Payroll Calendar Rules) to the same table in OSBA. The calendar year of the data to be compared is entered as a parameter. The program can be run in Audit mode or Update mode. In Update mode, either of the following two types of updates could occur: (1) Missing Records: records that exist in OSBA's PTRCALN table but do not exist at the schools's PTRCALN table are inserted into the school's table, (2) Inconsistent Records: Records for a given Year, Pict Code and Pay No. exist in both OSBA's PTRCALN and the School's PTRCALN but the date columns do not match. The program updates those existing records in the school's PTRCALNA table so that the dates match what is in OSBA.

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