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Summary of Modification for CHKLOAD
CHKLOAD Version 8.7.A This is a new SHL script that was created during our OWAG Linux migration. It is submitted in Banner OWAG via Job Submission by Treasury Operations functional users. The process loads the AP and Payroll .DAT files (created by the FWRCKRR Check Reconciliation Release process) to the specified 5th site Banner instance using job parameters. It then archives the .DAT file on the js1 Linux Server. For OSU, the process only archive's OSU's .DAT file on the Linux Server (Treasury Ops still needs to upload the .DAT files to OSU Banner like they do today and submit OSU's processes via AppWorx). There are three parameters for this process: (01) AP or Payroll: Enter A for Accounts Payable or P for Payroll, (02) School Code: Enter School Code CA, EOU, SOU, WOU or OIT (in all CAPS) to load the file into the school's Banner instance. Enter School Code OSU to archive OSU's file to the Linux Server. Enter ALL to load all existing 5th site AP or Payroll files (depending on the value entered in Parameter 01) for the Month and Day entered in Parameter 03, (03) Month and Day (MMDD): Enter the Month and Day in format MMDD
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