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Summary of Modification for FRRGITD
Version 8.1.a - This is an SCT Banner baseline report that's been modified by OUS for the 5th site institutions. The following changes have been made to this report: 1)Changed the "Indirect Expenses" label to "F/A (Indirect) Expenses"; 2) Changed the display order of the fund and grant totals so that the transfers and Balance totals are the last two rows printed; sum the indirect totals with the net totals; 3)Changed the calculation of Direct Gen. Expenses so that it does not include indirect expenses; sum only Labor and Direct Gen. Expenses to get the total for Total Direct Expenses; 4)Changed the offset of the "Total Expenses" label to start 3 spaces from the left margin; 5)Replaced the word "Expenditures" with "Expenses" in all labels; and 6)Changed the length of the spaces between titles.
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