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Summary of Modification for FWPAGGE
FWPAGGE (Version 8.7.A) This is a job submission shell of the fis_aggregate_extract that was created as a result of our Linux migration in January 2013. It is submitted via Job Submission in Banner OWAG by functional users within the Accounting and Reporting group of the Controller's Division. The shell runs FWRAGXP at the 5th site charts entered in Job Parameter 01 (EFGHK) for the fiscal year entered in the Job Parameter 02. The default value for Parameter 01 (Charts) is EFGHK. The process runs FWRAGXP through each chart in the order represented in the default value. Output files from the FWRAGXP run are: EAGGR.DAT, FAGGR.DAT, GADDR.DAT, HAGGR.DAT and KAGGR.DAT. These .DAT files get stored in the following location on the Linux Server: /san/flat/ecs/owag/fin/fis_misc_common. The LIS and LOG files from this process will get transferred to Accounting and Reporting's FISAgg folder in the Restricted Share area of the cn-share directory.
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