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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for FWPAGGI
FWPAGGI (Version 8.7.A) This is a job submission shell of the fis_aggregate_import that was created as a result of our Linux migration in January 2013. It is submitted via Job Submission in Banner OWAG by functional users within the Accounting and Reporting group of the Controller's Division. The process has one Job Parameter called ┬┐Charts┬┐. The default value for this Job Parameter is BCDEFGHK. With this Job Parameter value entered, it then runs the FWRAGMP process as FIMSMGR for the following charts: fwragmpb, fwragmpc, fwragmbd, fwragmpe, fwragmpf, fwragmpg, fwragmph, and fwragmpk. The process truncates table FRRGRNL. It archives files on the Linux js1 server. Drops the aggr indexes. Recreates aggr indexes. On completion, it also sends a Log event to the Warehouse team to notify them that it completed.
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