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Summary of Modification for FWRCKCC
Version 8.5.A - This report produces an exception report reflecting the results of testing the Treasury paid check file against each institution's outstanding check file. This report is run agianst OSU, EOU, OIT, OSU, SOU, WOU and Chancellor's Office Banner production instances. The report identifies duplicate and unissued checks and changes in check amounts. The process is submitted from the FWPTREK SHL as BANINST1. It uses BANINST1 because the process uses database links that only BANINST1 can see. Output file is fwrckcc.lis. A hard copy gets printed to the HP LaserJet 4350 in the Controller┬┐s Division work area. Electronic copy gets transferred to Treasury Ops┬┐ CHKREC folder in the Restricted Share area of cn-share.
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