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Summary of Modification for FWRFEDR
FWRFEDR Version 8.4.A Provides FGBOPAL YTD federal revenue/expenditure data in a download file. Changed a variable so that when the user enters parameters in Banner, the program will receive the data correctly. Also added the version number to the header in the download file. Modifications made to include the transfer accounts in the report. Accounts 91xxx (Transfer In) will be treated as revenue and accounts 92xxx (Transfer Out) will be treated as expense. Modifications were made to change the lookup for the CFDA Code to use database links for each of the schools FRVCFDA table in their Banner instances. This will allow for more accuracy in the report since the FRVCFDA table is not chart specific, so when the program relied only on the data in OWAGs FRVCFDA table there were discrepancies. The report will be called from a com file so it can run as BANINST1 in order to query the database links. Banner Security needs to be udpated so that the BANINST1 User has access to run the FWRFEDR report.
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