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Version 8.0.a - This is an OUS program that generates a journal voucher (JPxxxxxx) to liquidate open payroll encumbrances for a given fiscal year. It selects, from the encumbrance table, the total of original encumbrance, summary encumbrance adjustment and summary encumbrance liquidation to be liquidated by the jv. The encumbrance selection criteria must be: 1) open status, 2) FY = value specified in parameter 02, 3) encumbrance type (L)abor, and 4) encumbrance number with prefix "PR". The rule code '2LIQ' is used to liquidate the amount, and the foapal elements are taken from the original encumbrance detail. The process can be run in audit mode (produces no jv, just a report of details) or update mode (generates one jv with a JP prefix + the next system one-up jv number). After the program is run in update mode, it is necessary to run FGRTRNI and FGRTRNR to send the jv to posting. Version 6.0.a adds input param 04, 'Encumbrance number'. OSU has too many foapal details when combining more than one encumbrance, and it exceeded the size of the collector table fgbtrni sequence number (4).
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