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Summary of Modification for GET_BANNER_EMAIL
GET_BANNER_EMAIL Version 8.7.A This SQL process was created due to our Linux migrations. It gets the Banner Users Email address when using EMAIL or EMAIL_PDF as the Print Option in the Banner Process Submission form (GJAPCTL). This object was added to the BAN_AGEN_MENU_C security class since all Banner User's need that Security Class. Output is typically a LIS file when using the EMAIL print option. But when using the EMAIL_PDF print option the Banner report is converted to a PDF. Some of the other 5th site schools (EOU and SOU) override the OUS provided SQL script which pulls the emails from the FOBPROF table (FOMPROF form) by making their own SQL script called get_banner_email.sql in teh eou_mods/plus or sou_mods/plus directory. These override scripts may pull emails from FOBPROF (for OUS users) and other places for their own Banner users. 5th Sites also have the option of overriding the get_banner_email() function in our customized Job Submission processing with their own function. If they do this then the function could do anything they want, it wouldn't necessarily have to call a get_banner_email.sql script. As of this writing (Feb. 6, 2013) no site has done this.
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