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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for GWPZIPL

This process is run by the Chancellor's Office (Banner Standards Management group) in OSBA only. It reads a file of zip code information from a file that is downloaded from the Zip List 5 vendor's website. The vendor will send ECS programmers new download location and password at the beginning of each quarter. Each quarter, Banner Standards Management (BSM) will contact ECS and request the file to be placed on the target server. ECS will provide BSM with the exact name and directory location of the vendor file because this information is passed to the program via parameters.

GWPZIPL inserts all rows from the vendor file into a collector table (GWRZIPC) and adds a column to each row containing the month and year of the file. This allows historical information to be kept and reviewed.

GWPZIPL then updates GTVZIPC according to the following conditions:

  • If the 'preferred' field in the record is 'P' (U.S. Postal Service preferred) or 'A' (an alternate or alias city name that is allowed by the Postal Service), it will add the record if it is not in GTVZIPC and also includes the county code information from STVCNTY for Oregon counties only.
  • If the record already exists in GTVZIPC, the program will update it if the county code has changed.
  • If the record is in GTVZIPC and not in the new file, it will purge the record from GTVZIPC.

There is an audit and update mode. Audit mode will rollback all database changes and leave the database unchanged.

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