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Purpose of Modification

Summary of Modification for GWPZIPU

This process updates the local GTVZIPC table at the schools with data from the OSBA GTVZIPC table. It uses the MDR county codes so it should not be used at schools that use FIPS. It peforms the following updates:

  1. Inserts new Zip Code records.
  2. Updates County Codes in Oregon zip code records where the County Code has changed.
  3. Deletes Zip Codes that no longer exist provided:
    1. There are no current SPRADDR records with that zip code. If there are, an exception will be reported and the zip code will not be deleted. Users may clean-up SPRADDR records and re-run GWPZIPU or have the zip code/city combination added as a known exception.
    2. There are no known exceptions. Schools may request to have known exceptions added to the exceptions table maintained by the Controller's Division Banner Standards Management group. That will prevent a given zip code/city from being deleted even when it is not in the OSBA GTVZIPC table. Requests for exceptions can be sent to the following listserv:

There is an audit and update mode. Audit mode will rollback all database changes and leave the database unchanged.

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