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Summary of Modification for NWPSGRP
Version 8.5.A: This is an OUS process that compares NTRSGRP, NTRSALA and NTRSALB Salary Table records between OSBA and a school's Banner production instance. The compare is done for a single salary group code; which is an input parameter for the program (i.e. 20056B). The program can be run in audit mode and update mode. It is strongly recommended to always run the program in audit mode first before running in update mode. When processed in update mode, any differences between the school's salary tables (NTRSGRP, NTRSALA and NTRSALB) and those same tables in OSBA causes the program to modify the school's tables to match OSBA in cases where the records being compared share the same key column values but where non-key columns may have different values. In cases where the program finds records in the OSBA tables that don't exist at the school, the program will insert the missing records into the school's salary tables. However, records that exist in the school's salary tables but not in OSBA are left undisturbed.
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